The Ten Gurus & Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee

Sri Guru Ram Das Sahib Jee

Sri Guru Ram Das Sahib JiGuru Ram Das ji was born at Chuna Mandi Bazaar Lahore at the site of present shrine on Thursday 2nd November 1534 and spent the first seven years of his life here. Soon after birth he was given the name Jetha meaning the first born. . As he was growing up and in his teens he could always be found in the company of religious men. 

 Name  Satguru Ram Das Jee (Sodh lineage)
 Place of Avtar  Chuna Mundi - Lahore Pakistan
 Date of Avtar  1591 Bikrami Katak Thursday 2nd November 1534 AD
 Parents  Mata Daya Kaur Jee (Khem Kaur), Baba Hardas Jee
 Wife/consort  Mata Bhani Jee
 Ascension to Guruship  1631 Bikrami Bhadro 29th September 1578 AD - Sri Goindval Sahib
 Ascension to Sachkhand  1638 Bikrami Bhadro 19th September 1581 AD - Sri Goindval Sahib
 Kin  Sons - Baba Prithi Chand Jee Baba Maha Dev Jee Sri Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Jee
 Lifespan  47 years 16 days
 Guruship   6 years 11 months 20 days

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