Events from Sikh History

1978 Bloody Vaisakhi

Procession In StreetsOver 1 million Sikh pilgrims had assembled at Amritsar on the Vaisakhi day of 1978. At the same time the Nirankari-called Sect of bohemians from Delhi and other parts of the Indian sub-continent held a procession and a conference at Amritsar. During their Conference the speakers made venomous attacks on Sikhism Sikh Gurus Sikh scriptures etc. A few Sikhs under the command of Bhai Fauja Singh marched from the Darbar Sahib to protest against this fake Nirankari procession in which Gurbachan Singh Nirankari had seated himself on a higher position than Sri Guru Granth Sahib. Sri Guru Granth Sahib the prevalent Guru of GurSikhs is always respectfully seated at the highest platform in any congregation. Anyone seated on a platform higher than that of Sri Guru Granth Sahib is considered disrespectful and sacrilegious among Guru Khalsa Panth.     

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1984 Operation Blue Star

69Operation Blue Star was a code name given by the Indian government to an attacked when launched on the Golden Temple the holiest shrine of the Sikhs. The attack initiated on May 31st 1984 was one of the most inflammatory actions ever taken by the Indian government and showed the real face of regime which rules India. This attack proved the values which is highest held in society: freedom and even explicitly mentioned in all constitutions including the Indian constitution as Freedom of religion was not of importance in India.  

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