Gursikhs from the Past

Shote Sahibzade

Under emperor Aurangzeb's orders the Mughal governors of Lahore and Sarhind with all their troops marched against Guru Gobind Singh. They were joined by the Hindu hill-chiefs and the Muhammedan Ranghars and Gujjars of the locality. The combined armies besieged Anandpur and cut off all supplies. The Guru and Sikhs bore the extreme hardships of the long siege with steadfast courage.

The besiegers began to despair to success. They sent messengers to the Guru. The messenger said 'The Mughal governors and the hill-chiefs have sworn on the Quran and the cow that if you vacate the fort you will not be harmed in any way. You may go where you like.' The Guru had no faith in these oaths. So he refused to vacate the fort. But after a time he was prevailed upon by his mother and others to leave the fort. When he did so the besiegers forgot their solemn oaths. They fell upon the Guru near the Sarsa river.

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