Gursikhs from the Past

Vadeh Sahibzade

In ordinary speech the word 'Baba' means 'grandfather' or 'an old man'. Hence on reading the heading of this true story you might be led to think that it relates to some old men. But that is not the case. When the events narrated below took place Baba Ajit Singh and Baba Jujhar Singh were in their teens. Then you might ask why are they called Babas? The explanation is this. Among the Sikhs the word Baba is also applied to one worthy of high respect. It means 'Most Respected.' The sons of the Sikh Gurus were called 'Babas' from the very beginning of their lives. That is why the word 'Baba' is applied to the Guru Gobind Singh's sons. 

Baba Ajit Singh was the eldest of the four sons of the Guru Gobind Singh. He was born at Anandpur on January 7 1687. From his early life he was given the sort education and training that befitted the saint-soldiers of Guru Gobind Singh. He acquired wonderful proficiency in the use of weapons of war especially the bow and the arrow. He was also an excellent swordsman. He was strong and a brave warrior. He began to take part in the Guru's wars very early in life. He performed astonishing feats of bravery on several occasions. No danger or difficulty could ever daunt him. No danger could deter him from his path of duty. Once a Brahman came to Guru Gobind Singh's darbar. He complained that his newly-wedded wife had been taken away by force be some Pathans of Bassi near Hoshiarpur. Baba Ajit Singh offered to help Brahman to recover his wife. With a band of young brave Sikhs Baba Ajit Singh fell upon Bassi during the night. He arrested the Pathans responsible for the wicked deed. He recovered the Brahman's wife. He took the wicked Pathans to Anandpur the following morning. The Brahman's wife was restored to him. The wicked Pathans were punished suitably and severely.

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