Gursikhs from the Past

Bhai Boata Singh And Bhai Garja Singh

The Mughal emperor of Delhi and the Mughal governor of Lahore had taken vows to destroy the Sikhs root and branch. Orders were given that all Sikhs-men women and children were to be put to death. It was declared lawful to plunder their homes and seize their property. Their houses were to be looted and plundered. They were to be haunted down like wild beasts. Not only government officials but even notable Hindus and Muhammadans vied with one another in this cruel campaign of loot arson and murder.

Special rewards were offered for the capture and destruction of the Sikhs. It was announced 'Any parson giving information which leads to the arrest of a Sikh will get ten gold coins. Fifty coins will be rewarded to him who brings the head of a Sikh. Eighty coins will be given to him who captures and brings a Sikh alive.' It has to be borne in mind that eighty coins in those days would be equal to a few thousand dollars today. So the rewards were tempting indeed. The whole machinery of the government was put into motion to crush the Sikhs. Even non-official Zamindars were made to lend a hand in this campaign of ruthless genocide. Some Zamindars used to send cartloads of heads to Lahore. This campaign was the most virulent in the Majha tract."

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