Gursikhs from the Past

Sikh Women In Mir Mannus Prison

Mir Mannu confiscated the estate of the Sikhs and deployed army patrols to eliminate them He announced a reward of ten rupees for a person who brought a Singh's head. He also began to reward the informers for giving whereabouts of Singh's and their families. People in greed were getting Singh's and their families arrested. 

They were brought to Lahore where Singh's were beheaded and their families were put in jails. Every woman was given forty pounds of grain to grind for each day in jail. A very heavy stone was placed on the chest of one who could not grind. Their children were hung on spears before their very eyes- Their children were cut into pieces and garlands of those pieces were put around their mother's necks. They were given a quarter of bread to eat and a bowl of water in the whole day. Bowing to the will of God, they strived and struggled not to let their faith be broken, they cried when they were raped, they bled when they were beaten but they did not give up. They believed in the Guru, they were blessed. On the 4th November 1753 A.D., Mir Mannu died. The Singh's fought to death to set the prisoners free and took remaining women and children home.

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