Sant Giani Jarnail Singh Jee

Sant Giani Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale once said that there will be a time where the Singh’s will need big bata’s because one hundred thousand people will take Amrit at one time. The Panj Piare will do duties like Singh’s do duties when they do "raules".

Sant Ji said that there will be a more than Ik Lakh Ghera at Sri Darbar Sahib, but they said they will escape from it. Sant Ji also said that, just like they got out from 20,000 Ghera at Chando Kalan, and just like they got out from 80,000 Ghera at Bombay, that they will also get out from the Ghera at Sri Darbar Sahib where they will be more than Ik Lakh Ghera. Sant Ji used to say these bachan on stage, that the government want them to get shaheed, but they are doing trust on Kalgidhar Patshah, that’s why they are  doing these bachan, that they will escape

Whilst Sant Ji was staying in Amritsar sangat used to come and visit them. One day Sant Ji was sitting on a bed and talking to the sangat that were sitting on the floor, Baba Thakur Singh Ji walked in. As Baba Ji walked in Sant Ji got up from the bed and did their full satkaar and told them to sit on the bed.  When Baba Ji left a Singh asked Sant Ji ‘why is it that you got up for the old man (meaning Baba Ji) you are the Jathedar of the Taksaal.  Sant Ji replied to the Singh ‘Have you ever seen God? The person I got up for is God.’

Sant Ji’s Arrest

When Sant Jee was arrested he was asked many questions by the interrogating officers one of the questions was:- "You are the 14th Jathedar of Damdami Taksal, the first Jathedar Baba Deep Singh fought on even though His head was chopped off. Do you think you are as powerful as Baba Deep Singh?"

Sant Jee replied, "Chop my head off and test your theory" (the police officers were shocked by the response and his audacity)

Akhand Path at Sri Hemkunt Sahib

The Singhs went to Hemkunt Sahib and performed an Akhand Paath at the Gurdwara Sahib and one of Sant's friends had the midnight duty for Paath of 12am - 2am and he said he got lazy on the first night and asked Sant if he would do his duty - Sant Jee obliged and did all 4 hours to 4am. The next night this Singh got lazy again and asked Sant Jee to do the seva again, Sant Jee again obliged. This friend of Sant Jee then awoke at 4am and saw Sant Jee walking across the ice bare-footed as the sleeping quarters were a bit away from the Darbar. He asked Sant Jee if he was mad walking on ice and didn't he feel the cold - Sant Jee replied Dasmesh Pita looks after his Sikhs. (someone had taken Sant Jee's chapals while he was on the role/duty).

Sehaj Path

Sant Jee was performing a Sehaj Paath & the electricity in the building went. The Singhs who were there went outdoors due to the heat indoors and after a couple of hours they went back indoors. One of the Singhs went straight indoors and saw Sant was still doing Paath and he asked Sant Jee how have you been reciting the Paath whilst the electricity was gone (as Sant Jee had done Parkash of the Pothi and carrying on as normal, even though the electricity had just come back - so he couldn't have set up the Pothis so quickly). Sant Jee said what can I say - the letters of Gurbani or shining to me in gold thus I could recite in the dark.

Two Brigadiers

The days of Blue Star were approaching and people with various views often met Sant jee on the roof of the Langar Building. While I was standing there, two retired Sikh Brigadiers came and said "We wish to speak with you privately". Sant jee said "There is no shyness here, please speak" The Brigadiers said "We have seen and evaluated all the outposts and defences around Harmandar Sahib and we feel that there is a weakness in the fact that the Singhs don't have binoculars. There is a need for at least two binoculars (per outpost)" Sant jee said to Bhai Amreek Singh, who was standing nearby "Come and listen to these people". The Brigadier then said "To understand your full power, if you could tell us how many weapons you have exactly, it would be good".

Putting his hands on the mid-sized Brigadier's shoulders, Sant jee said "General Sahib, You've commanded very large armies. I'm a stupid Jatt (farmer). What do I know about these things? You should read Gurbani. Doing that gives power."

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